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Super-NZB is an NZB-file downloader for Windows and Mac OS X
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SuperNZB allows you to download NZB files located on NZB-Indexing web sites or Usenet newsgroups and servers. NZB files are standard text files which may contain file types that need to be re-assembled such as PAR and RAR files. Besides, SuperNZB allows you to extract files downloaded from PAR and RAR files.

Files preserve the folder structure in the PAR and RAR archives. The program also allows you to fix PAR and RAR files, and verify SFV files. In order to download NZB files you need to have the News Server URL's source, the username, password (if required), and the port number. The files being downloaded are automatically added to the queue and in the downloader window you can check the status of each server which the app is connected to.

One limitation of using this method is that most of NZB-Indexing web sites require a paid subscription and only allow a small number of simultaneous connections. Another important thing to bring the attention to is that you should try to download files created recently because Usenet servers may not store files for long periods. Also some downloaded files may require extra codecs.

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  • It allows you to extract the files from PAR and RAR downloaded files
  • Also you can fix PAR and RAR files, and verify SFV files


  • You should try to download recently created files because Usenet server may not store files for long periods
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